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Massages and Headache Pain

Massages and Headache Pain


Headaches...everyone gets them at some time or another and they can be debilitating. There are five different types of headaches; tension headaches, cluster headaches, sinus headaches, rebound headaches, and migraines. All of them are unpleasant, but only two headache types can be helped or eliminated by massage.

Tension headaches are caused by just that, tension in the head and neck. Massage is great for these types of headaches because they ease the tension and make space between the vertebrae so the nerves aren't compressed and painful. Massage, when done on a regular basis, can eliminate these types of headaches all together!

Sinus headaches can be eased by massage. If your massage therapist is trained in sinus work they can help to alleviate the pressure and get the sinuses draining. This helps not only the headache, but the stuffiness and congestion. Just have plenty of tissue at hand!

Cluster headaches, or headaches that occur in cycles, typically on one side of the head, can be eased by massage if tension or high blood pressure is the cause. These headaches, coupled with migraines have no real specific triggers, and no real cure. The best modern medicine can do is help ease the symptoms. However, when in pain, the muscles throughout the body tighten up. Massage can help to remove the tension in the rest of the body giving some relief to an otherwise miserable moment.

Rebound headaches are headaches caused by the overuse of painkillers or withdrawal from a medication. There is very little that can assist with these headaches, as the medication that you are taking to rid yourself of the pain, is causing the pain. I would not recommend deep tissue massage during withdrawal of this sort as the body is already compromised and massage would give it more to deal with making the situation feel worse. Energy work and very light massage is preferable until the body is well enough to handle the physiological changes massage creates within the system.

Headaches are miserable, and massage has the ability to help ease, or even possibly eliminate the frequency and duration of your discomfort.

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