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Massage Best Practices Training Event

Massage Best Practices Training Event


We have been working extremely hard on client care over the course of 2014 and into 2015. We are listening closely to what our clients are telling us, both in the studio, and via the online reviews you so kindly provide. One of the challenges our clients have communicated is, "I can't get into see my preferred therapist when I want to!"

We've heard you and have been working steadily in a number of ways to remedy the situation through therapist retention, therapist care and ongoing training and development.

Training and development occurs in a number of ways, on a number of fronts. First, we have the front desk team experience massage with as many therapists as possible. This ensures that they are familiar with the therapist style, and can make a good match both for new clients and clients for whom it is not convenient to wait to see their usual preferred therapist.

We are extremely careful about hiring therapists. Once they are on board, they engage in a number of on boarding training processes, as well as ongoing training to improve not only their therapeutic technique, but also their ability to communicate with the client to be sure we clearly understand what is needed, and what has and has not been working for them.

Pictured above is a training meeting where our team is showing each other their best practices for treating head, neck, and shoulder complaints. We engage in ongoing one on one and team training.

Finally, each massage therapist completed treatment notes that are available to each subsequent therapist that you work with. This allows your therapist for today's session to have a full understanding of your past concerns and treatments.

We are so excited to see our team continue to grow in 2015. If there is a way we can improve our service to YOU please let us know!

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