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Massage and New Years' Resolutions!

Massage and New Years' Resolutions!


Massage is one of the tools you can utilize in your quest for health, exercise is another. So how does massage fit into your training regimen?

Massage keeps the muscle tissue healthier, allows you to push farther and keeps you limber enough to avoid injuries. If you want to keep in top shape you must look after your muscles’ resilience and massage will allow you to connect with your body in ways that are vital if you are pushing it to its limit. Everyone wants to be healthy, and nobody enjoys the inevitable injury that comes from overworking the body.

It is suggested that you wait 24 hours after a massage to exercise to avoid injury. Massage works on the body very similarly to exercise. If you absolutely MUST work out that day, do it before your massage and then take the rest of the day to let the bodywork 'sink into' the muscle tissue. Massage will affect your body for hours after the hands-on portion is done. Give your body time to process the shift in fluids and tension and you will be much happier with the results.

You can use a good sports massage before a race or workout to invigorate your soft tissue and prepare you for the work, but this is a specialized massage and you need to be sure the therapist you work with knows your plans so they can adjust accordingly.

Be sure to drink lots of fluids and continue to stretch between massage sessions. This will help you to make sure your exercise leaves you invigorated and not injured!

Massage is a vital part of your health and wellness goals, be sure to use it wisely and you will find it invaluable!

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