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How Does Massage Work with Your Chiropractic Care?

How Does Massage Work with Your Chiropractic Care?


You wake up one morning, and your neck hurts. Ugh, we have all experienced this. There is a lovely little cramp on the right side of your shoulder, and it aches all the way up into the back of your skull. It makes it hard to turn your head, and you can feel a headache coming on but you get up, shower and get ready for work anyway. Your strong, a trooper, you can make it through the day despite the pain. Nothing you can do for it anyway...right?

Wrong! Massage can help ease that tension and you know this, so you call your favorite therapist and get a great massage. But the next day you still feel a twinge in your neck. You think, "I'll have to go back to get another massage." and you do, and it still doesn't get better.

How frustrating! Massage can help a lot of things. It works with the soft tissue of the body and helps to ease painfully tight muscles and open the flow of blood and lymph to the damaged area which allows for healing of those stressed tissues. These are important functions, ones that on a good day can make you feel fantastic! But we don't work with the spine, nor do we address the spine's position on the nerves that flow out from between it's vertebrae and in many instances those vertebrae are what is causing the prolonged pain.

Massage and chiropractic go so well together that many chiropractors today hire a massage therapist to work within their offices. How do they work well together? Well that's easy. Chiropractors work on the spine and the nervous system, making sure that all the nerves of the body are free to send and receive sensation without getting crushed by bone. Massage makes sure those nerves aren't trapped within tight muscles. It also helps the spine by making sure the muscles are not pulling it into misalignment. Relaxed, healthy muscles will support the chiropractic adjustment, making it last longer. Addressing your nervous system's health is key to living a long and relatively pain free life. If your nerves become trapped or pinned, either by the shifting of the spine or by the tightness of the muscles that surround it, that nerve is going to send pain signals back to the brain and make your day quite unpleasant. To truly address your whole body's health and well-being you need to look not only at the soft tissue, but the alignment of your spine.

The best part is your massage therapist can work with your chiropractor to establish a treatment plan for you, pinpointing your problem areas and speeding your recovery!

Talk to your Massage Therapist, they can recommend a good chiropractor that they can work with to make sure that crick in your neck gets fully resolved and doesn't linger necessarily!

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