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Do I need to do the range of motion homework I get from my massage therapist?

Do I need to do the range of motion homework I get from my massage therapist?


Excellent question!

Muscles are an amazing set of tissue. They work in very specific ways. One of the ways that we know muscles work is that they have 'memory' and will hold the position that they find themselves most frequently in. So if your massage therapist is trying to correct something that is causing you pain, you will need to do several things to help retrain those faulty muscle memories.

Change the position you are in that is causing you the trouble. Most of the time this is a work related issue, and we simply can't change what it is we do, modifications, sure, but if you work at a desk, and you have forearm trouble, you are going to continue to type, which causes the problem to begin with.

Get a regular massage. The effect of a massage on muscle tissue lasts about three days. So if you want to use massage to fix the problem without the hassle of homework, you will need to get a massage at least every three days. This allows for the retraining of those muscles so they do not cause pain. Most folks can't afford a massage 2-3 times a week. So the Massage Therapist sends the client home with range of motion exercises to help retrain those muscles outside of the massage room.

Range of Motion work helps to remind the muscles that there is a wide variety of movements they are supposed to be doing, and not just the ones that we have them do on a regular basis. These exercises help to stretch the muscle and maintain muscle health. It allows you to last from one massage to the next with a minimum of pain.

If you want to be healthy, you have to work at it. Your body requires love and attention just like every relationship. Give to yourself just as much as you give to others. It will help to keep your body in tip top shape and pain free!

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