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Ask a Therapist: Why do I feel 'spacey' after a massage?

Ask a Therapist: Why do I feel 'spacey' after a massage?


Massage has many benefits. Not least of which is that it feels good. There really is nothing like getting a good massage. The warmth of the table is comforting, the feel if the lotions on your skin making it soft and supple, the stretches that work tired and tight muscles. It's like letting go of a long held breath, refreshing.

Sometimes when we have gone a long time between massages, or perhaps when we have had an especially stressful week, we feel a bout of dizziness when we stand up, or maybe it isn't even dizziness. Sometimes after a massage we feel just a little spacy, relaxed in both mind and body.

This is perfectly normal. Your body is simply working through the effects of the massage. Releasing tension and toxins is great, but it is a process that can make you a little disoriented. It should pass within a few minutes. Your therapist should offer you something to drink after your session. Take your time and drink the water, let your mind clear from the post massage fluffiness and when you have regained some clarity you can continue about your day as normal. If it lasts longer than a few minutes let your therapist know and they can watch to make sure it isn't anything more serious.

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