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Ask A Therapist!! What training does my massage therapist have?

Ask A Therapist!! What training does my massage therapist have?


There are many options for massage therapists with regards to licensing and certification. The individual state licenses the massage therapist by their own set of criteria. Each state is different in their requirements and some have no licensing programs at all.

In the state of Wisconsin massage therapists are licensed by the state. The state requires they have 600 hours of massage school that must include Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Kinesiology, Business Law and Ethics, Massage theory, and CPR. They must also pass a national exam and the state exam and pay a fee every two years. Most states require continuing education on top of that as well.

There is also various certifications a massage therapist can receive. One of the most well-known certifications is the National Certification for Massage and Bodywork. It is given after certain requirements for schooling are met and a test is passed.

Other certifications come from individual schools of technique, usually through continuing education.

An effect massage therapist must a large amount of information on how the body works. Feel free to ask your therapist what certifications they have to find the one that fits with your health and wellness goals.

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