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Ask a Therapist! What should I know about deep tissue massage?

Ask a Therapist! What should I know about deep tissue massage?


Deep Tissue massage. People who have had one fall into one of two categories. They either love it, or they hate it. If they hate it, it's because they have had a bad massage experience and the deep tissue massage they received was painful.

I'm here to tell you it need not be painful.

Your general deep tissue massage, when done correctly, should start fairly light. You will notice that the therapist goes over one area multiple times before they even tries to engage the deeper tissue. They will take note when you show unconscious signs of distress. If you begin to hold your breath, or if you begin to tense up where you were once relaxed. These things alert the therapist that they have gone to deeply too quickly, or that the area they are working on is particularly sensitive. They will check in with you regularly, expecting that you will tell them where your comfort level lies. Deep tissue is a dance and communication is key.

Deep tissue is intense, but you should never be in pain. We don't want to damage the tissue, we want to heal it. Deep tissue massage is a therapeutic massage. If it hurts to much in one spot, there are other ways to address the area without causing pain. When done right, deep tissue massage will leave you feeling like a noodle, relaxed and on your way to true muscle health.

With the right therapist you can learn to love the way you feel after a deep tissue massage!

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