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Ask A Therapist! Using massage for event recovery

Ask A Therapist! Using massage for event recovery


You've just finished your marathon; the sun is high in the sky and beating down hard. You are drenched with sweat and you are careful to drink enough water to replace the water you are losing. You notice your lower legs are screaming and your lower back is starting to stiffen up. What do you do?

You've just finished your strength training and your shoulders are sore and tight. You hit the showers and notice your arms feel heavy and your legs are more like noodles than the spaghetti you ate last night. You know you are just going to do the same thing tomorrow.

Don't think your workout ends with stretching and drinking water! Massage is an important part of your event recovery!

If you work in a massage after strenuous exercise it helps the body to relax and heal faster than it would have on its own. When over-stressed, the first reaction of your body is to tighten up, which means you don't get the nutrients to the muscles that they need to heal.

Massage will make sure fresh blood, oxygen and lymph is circulated throughout your sore and tired muscles which helps them to heal faster and get you back on your feet for tomorrow's exercise! Study after study finds that massage after a workout helps to keep the muscles from locking up, and prevents repetitive stress from causing injury to the body's soft tissues. A good Massage Therapist will tailor the massage to your needs, working the areas that need it the most, while still giving you a full body experience to help relax and tone the muscles.

Stretch before any strenuous workout, and massage after. It is part of your workout regimen, and an important one at that!

You exercise to stay healthy, you eat right to stay healthy, make sure you get your massage to stay healthy too! It feels good and is good for you, it's a win-win situation!

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