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Elm Grove

2 Miles East of Brookfield Square Mall

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Ask a Therapist!! One Client's Story

Ask a Therapist!! One Client's Story


Several years ago I had a client that came to me with a regular history of very painful tension headaches. They were keeping her from working and was just making her life miserable. I welcomed her into my massage room and discussed with her the specifics of her issue.

When did she get these headaches? Where was the pain at specifically? What was she doing to help get rid of them? What in her lifestyle could she change to help eliminate the frequency of the headaches? Answering these questions I got a good idea of what was going on.

Then we began the massage, focusing for an hour just on her upper back, neck and shoulders. When she dressed and came out to pay she was concerned because she felt like she was going to get a headache, like she was on the verge of one. I told her to ice her neck and return next week for a follow up. She had been tight enough I was not surprised at her general discomfort.

Two days later she called me and said she wanted to get in again as soon as possible. She had gone home and iced the back of her neck and the feeling of pre-headache achiness went away. She said she had felt better than she had in years and had actually been able to work without a problem.

We set up a regular schedule of an hour massage once a week for 4 weeks, but by the time her fourth session was up, she had decided to continue on once a week so we could work on the rest of her body. She stayed with me for years, coming in once a week for a full body massage. She had two more reported headaches, but she was able to work and live once more without having to worry about the agony of her headaches affecting her work.

Think about what massage could do for you!

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