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Ask a Therapist!! I'm a High School Athlete...Would Massage Benefit Me?

Ask a Therapist!! I'm a High School Athlete...Would Massage Benefit Me?


I don't know how many times I have heard a client tell me this story: "I was a great athlete in high school, showed real promise, but then I was injured and now my (insert injury site, usually knees or shoulders) constantly hurts and impairs my ability to perform normal daily tasks." granted, it's paraphrased, but you get the idea.

I usually just smile and nod. There is very little I can do to prevent an injury from happening if they don't come in before that injury occurs. The best we can hope for now is to help the body heal the injury and keep it from getting worse. I cannot erase pain already suffered.

I have had people tell me high school is too early to get a massage and I say; "It's NEVER too early for a massage. I've massaged infants in their mother's arms, and they received benefits from it!" It is even more important for high school athletes to get regular massages because of the stress and strain they put their bodies through on a regular basis.

High school is a time of growth not only mentally, but physically as well. The body is shifting and changing with puberty and the inevitable growth spurt, add that to the rigor of high school athletics and you have a time ripe with the potential for injury. Stress from the demands of school work, social life and home life only help to tighten the muscles that are supporting all this physical activity. Why would you ~not~ get a massage? Massage helps with injury prevention by keeping the muscles limber, toned, and ready to meet whatever stress or strain you might need them to perform. It helps to circulate oxygen so that recovery time after vigorous workouts is lessened, and that is just the physical aspects of massage! As all athletes know you have to have your head in the game to win it. Massage helps you to clear your head, to focus on something other than the pain you are experiencing, the stress that life is surely putting you under. Massage can make you a better athlete and can help you remain a better athlete for the long term.

Don't end your athletic career with a preventable injury that will haunt you throughout the rest of your life. Not when it is so easily avoidable by getting regular massages.

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