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Ask a Therapist! I have fibromyalgia - should I consider massage?

Ask a Therapist! I have fibromyalgia - should I consider massage?


Very little is known about the condition called Fibromyalgia, except that it hurts, affects women more than men, and there are tender points that doctors have been using to diagnose it. People who suffer from Fibro have what are called "Flare-ups" where the symptoms get debilitating in their intensity. New research is giving us hope in some sort of cure, but it is still being studied. If you want to learn more about the condition there are lots of information out on the internet that can help you. The National Fibroyalgia Association - - is a great resource to start with.

Nearly constant debilitating pain...all in all it doesn't sound like a lot of fun.

People who suffer from Fibro can and should receive massage to their level of comfort, working with a Therapist who has experience with Fibro clients will reassure you very quickly that most Fibro-massages are different than normal massages. Deep tissue is avoided during a flare because the body becomes so sensitive that even light touch can be painful. I have even gone so far as to use a soft bristled brush to smooth over the skin, just to keep the blood flowing. Some Fibro clients prefer deep tissue, and if they can handle it, then that is a great help to oxygenate the stiff and sore muscles. Several organizations are even working on massage regimens that have shown to assist with reducing flare ups and easing the pain. A good Therapist will have no problem researching these regimens for you.

The key, as with any massage, is that you work within your tolerance and you get a therapist who knows what they are doing. Having someone who works with you to help you with your wellness goals will move you closer towards them than someone who simply does the same rote work every time.

So to answer your question, dear reader: Yes, yes you should get a massage, lots of them!

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