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Heather Apr 4, 2013

So, you have just gotten a massage and you feel great!  Wouldn't it be amazing to feel this good all the time?  
Sadly, the effects of a massage typically last about three days. After that your muscles return to the way they have been held the most. For most of us this is a mass of stress and pain.
Some of the ways to make the relaxation you feel after your massage last are:
1.  Drink plenty of water. Well hydrated muscles are happy muscles!
2.  Stretch!  If you can't have a regular yoga practice you can still stretch in the shower and during breaks at work.
3.  Chiropractic. If you are out of alignment your muscles have to work harder to keep you stable. Chiropractic addresses these issues and works really well in tandem with massage!
4.  Watch your posture!  Making sure you are ergonomically correct will help keep the muscles from straining. 
Doing these things will help keep you on the path to meeting your health and wellness goals!  You are worth it!

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