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Krista and Maelyn!

Krista and Maelyn!

On Friday, October 12th - Krista gave birth to precious Maelyn Charlotte Justen at Buffalo hospital. Maelyn came out with a short cry and was in respiratory distress as she was unable to breathe on her own. It was soon apparent that Buffalo hospital wasn't equipped to handle Maelyn's condition. Maelyn was put into an incubator and was airlifted to Children's hospital in Minneapolis.

Maelyn was taken to Children's where an echocardiogram was done; Maelyn’s heart has an enlarged left chamber which is caused from her damaged mitral valve. The mitral valve isn't working properly causing blood to pool into the left chamber. That same day the cardiology team performed a nonsurgical procedure on her heart, a balloon atrial septostomy.

Maelyn's heart conditions were unknown at birth as the cardiology specialists at Children’s hospital believe her condition presented itself 20 to 30 weeks in utero.

On Thursday October 25th - Maelyn had open heart surgery to replace her mitral value with a mechanical mitral valve and also augmentation of her aortic arch was performed.

Maelyn is almost 1 month old! The next step is weaning her off the ventilator and breathing tube. They are continuing to decrease sedation medications which will help improve successful breathing for Maelyn.

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