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Is the Season Getting You Down?

Nov 23, 2014 Health


In northern climates when the heavy snows fall and the sun moves south, many people find their moods shift from upbeat to downright depressed. The severe form of winter depression--called seasonal affective disorder, or SAD--affects at least two million North Americans. Another thirty-nine million experience milder symptoms of moodiness and extended sleep patterns that somewhat resemble hibernation.

Helping Veterans and Wounded Warriors

Nov 6, 2014 Health

This nation's military veterans and wounded warriors continue to fight, long after they come off the battlefields. They fight to be whole again and to reclaim their physical and psychological health. Many forms of massage and bodywork can help them do just that.

Lasting Effects: Five Tips to Continue Feeling Great After Your Massage

Sep 18, 2014 Health


Tip No. 1: Take Five

After your therapist leaves the room at the end of your massage, take your time getting off the table. Instead of jumping off the table and running back into the busy world, lie on the table quietly, take a few relaxing deep breaths and just enjoy some peaceful stillness for a few minutes.


The Right Massage

Sep 14, 2014 Health

Choosing from a menu of massage techniques may sound like a heavenly dilemma (so many techniques, so little time …). But the choice you make is a weighty one — and it’s not just about your preferences for light or deep pressure, but also your health and physical condition right now.

The Sleep Crisis

By Barry Kapke, A.C.S.T. Sep 7, 2014 Health

For many, to be relaxed enough to fall asleep is a measure of a good massage. On the other hand, for many, it doesn't take much skill on the therapist's part for them to slip off to dreamland; they are so sleep-deprived that all they need is the opportunity to let go and drowsiness overtakes them. This seemingly innocuous scenario is symptomatic of an enormous, and hidden, threat to the health of millions of people in the United States alone.

Is Massage Supposed To Hurt?

By Mary Kathleen Rose and Mary Ann Foster Sep 3, 2014 Health

MKR: Yet, it is ironic that in some circles massage has a reputation for being painful when a primary reason people receive massage is for relief from pain and discomfort.

MAF: I think this paradox stems from confusion between skillful deep-tissue work and poor technique. Many clients comment that deep pressure on tense muscles "hurts so good." It seems that the "good" pain people crave occurs during the release of chronic muscle tension; whereas the pain people avoid is inflicted by insensitive technique. If the work is too deep or inappropriate, it can damage tissue and elicit a guarding response, both of which will lead to more discomfort and stress.

Holding Headaches at Bay

By Cathy Ulrich Aug 31, 2014 Health

Like many Americans, Cindy suffers from chronic, frequent headaches. Her neck pain finally prompted her to seek help, but she was so used to the headaches, she thought they were something she simply had to live with.

Energy Boosters

Rebecca Jones Aug 6, 2014 Health

  Ways to Get You Through the Day   No amount of coaxing, pleading, or pedal pumping could get the engine in the rental car to turn over. It was going nowhere. The travelers had filled the car with unleaded fuel, but it had a diesel engine. It had been able to run a little way on the wrong fuel, but not far. And when it finally stopped, it stopped for good.  Sometimes...

Wellness Tips for a Busy Lifestyle

Sep 12, 2019 Wellness News

Sometimes we have days that are so busy, it feels like we don’t even have time to think. Everyone wants to feel better and be healthier, but it’s hard when you’re running around all day. You’re never too busy to put your health and wellness first. Here are a few tips you can incorporate into your hectic schedule to maintain wellness.

Everything You Need to Know About a Swedish Massage

Sep 4, 2019 Wellness News

If you have ever had a massage, chances are you have experienced some form of Swedish massage. It is the most popular massage performed today. This technique is a full-body experience that is designed to relax and rejuvenate. The Swedish modality focuses on relaxation. It is worldly in nature, as it combines many different practices to create a massage experience that is very therapeutic and relaxing.

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