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Wellness Is a State of Mind

Wellness Is a State of Mind

John L. Pantera

Dear wellness community:

Often times people will ask me to define “wellness”. I have heard many different ways of putting the idea of wellness into words, from the most basic, such as “the absence of disease” to more complex versions. To be well is completely subjective to the individual.

For some, wellness means feeling an overwhelming sense of limitless energy and vitality each day. For others, it’s having the strength and endurance to do the daily activities that one enjoys. And yet for some, it may simply be the ability to get out of bed in the morning without having the take pain relief pills.

Whatever your wellness goal is, you must take small steps toward achieving the day-to-day progress and overall accomplishment of that goal. Usually a client tells me that they are so far gone in their personal wellness that they can’t remember the last time they felt great. The major concern then becomes “I feel like I will never get to a point of wellness”. Small steps add up to big results. Normally when a new client begins to make small changes in their daily routine and is consciously working toward a better healthy life, they immediately feel the difference, however small it may be.

My challenge is this: pick a goal that is your ideal situation for your health. That goal may be to lose 50 pounds or to drop your blood pressure. Then, simply commit to small, daily changes toward that goal. You might start with an easy one, such as “I commit to taking a multi-vitamin each morning after my breakfast”. Enough of these small daily commitments add up to a tremendous result, yet each small goal doesn’t seem so insurmountable.

Whatever it may be that you are striving towards, you can do it if you break your goal down to small daily behavior changes that you can handle. Your idea of personal wellness only applies to you. Decide what is most important and go after it.

In health, always,


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