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Therapist Thursday: "What’s the best thing I can do to get a good night’s sleep?”

John L. Pantera May 2, 2013

We continue on with our weekly blog post called "Therapist Thursdays".  

This week's question was “What’s the best thing I can do to get a good night’s sleep?" I posed this question to my team yesterday, and received an overwhelming response.

Here is what they had to say;

1. Eat a light dinner, don't watch tv and stretch before lying down for the night.

 ~ Ida

2. Sleeping is when your brain and body rest. Truly rest. It is usually the only time in a day that you will actually lay down. Work on turning everything off. And remember, that "Game of Thrones" episode you missed will still be there in the morning.

 ~ Patty

3. Use a sleep mask. Even the light from your alarm clock can be enough to disrupt REM cycles.

~ Abbi

4. Avoid caffine in the afternoon and evening; stay active, and take time out to meditate or unwind without tv, internet, or mobile devices prior to laying down each night.

~ Andrea

5. I find that exercise, especially in the sun outside helps me sleep.

~ Katerina

6. Sleep in a slightly cool room. Also, no big meals at night :)

~ Jennie

7. Meditation and listening to soft relaxing music always works for me.

~ Hideko

We are upping the ante...we will post this question on our Facebook page today. Submit your answer and have a chance to win a FREE 55-minute massage to use during the month of May!

Best of luck, and happy sleeping...

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