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Therapist Thursday: "What are some ways to reduce stress while driving?”

Therapist Thursday: "What are some ways to reduce stress while driving?”

John L. Pantera

We continue on with our weekly blog post called "Therapist Thursdays".

This week's question was “What are some ways to reduce stress while driving?" This seems to be a hot topic since I received an overwhelming response from my team.

Here is what they had to say;

1. Driving is tough especially when you are running late to your destination. Give yourself extra time when you can and don't tailgate. ~ Carolyn

2. My favorite thing to do is sing. Sing to the person who just cut you off. Sing to the fact that you are going to be late for work no matter what shortcuts you take. Sing! Roll those windows up and have at it! By the time you reach your destination you will feel much better. ~ Patty

3. Plan your trip. If you are driving an unfamiliar route, pre-program your GPS or look over a Google map. ~ Jamie

4. Leave yourself plenty of time, and plan on hitting traffic or getting caught behind a school bus. ~ Ellen

5. Ahh, the benefits of proper breathing to enrich the body with oxygen. Just take little short breaths throughout the day. Simply take in a deep breath through the nose slowly, then release from the mouth throughout your drive. This is a relaxation technique I used on my way to massage school daily. ~ Mark

6. I listen to soft, relaxing music to keep my mind right. ~ Ida

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Good luck!

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