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Therapist Thursday: "How can I take better care of my hands?”

Therapist Thursday: "How can I take better care of my hands?”

John L. Pantera

We continue on with our weekly blog post called "Therapist Thursdays".

This week's question was “How can I take better care of my hands?" I posed this question to my team yesterday.

Here is what they had to say;

1. I use my hands in everything: cooking, cleaning, building, painting, gardening, stacking wood, art, massage. For a lack of a better phrase, I am a hands-on kind of girl. Because I don't pamper them, I think that makes all the difference. I let them face good, bad and everything in between. I feel like if I pampered them and watched out for them it would make them more prone to injury... or make them less used to it and capable of handling a sprain here or a bruise there. They constantly are stretched, moved, and worked. They are the best extension of me and let me do everything I love!

~ Samantha

2. Before and after work you should stretch them. Check out good stretching and strengthening techniques at If sore after work put them in ice water. It is very soothing. Do this for about 1-5 minutes to reduce swelling.

~ Carolyn

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Good luck!

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