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The Elements of Smart Business - John L. Pantera Interview

The Elements of Smart Business - John L. Pantera Interview

John L. Pantera

John Pantera is an Elements Massage® franchisee in East Longmeadow, Massachusetts. Familiar with WellBiz Brands Inc., John owned two Fitness Together® franchises before starting his Elements Massage® franchise. When not running his studio, John is busy with his wife, Allison and their three children, Julia, Maria and Robert.

Why Franchising?
“My mentor was a franchisee in the Fitness Together® network, and he taught me many lessons. Most notably, he taught me that there is value to build on others that have come before me and made mistakes. Franchising always felt right for me, because I love systems.”

Why Elements Massage®?
John says he knew the moment he walked into an Elements Massage® studio that he wanted to own one. “I was totally at peace,” he says. He also was attracted to the freedom the business model gave him. With three young kids, he didn’t want to be married to the studio 24 hours a day.

What are the time demands when hiring staff?
John spent a lot of time getting “the right” team on board. He admits making a few mistakes in the first
few years. Now, he has a three step process that includes his lead massage therapists to help make
great choices when hiring.

What does the typical routine look like on daily/weekly basis?
“Everyone knows their role and their expectation, and we have accountability systems in place that keep
me in the loop daily. Everyone is held accountable for their actions, and at the same time we’ve created
an environment built on mutual respect and happy people.”

Do you have a manager? What’s their Role?
John does not have a specific manager. However, he has four full-time and a part-time front line people
he calls his “Leadership Team.” This team acts as his daily operations manager. This team is in charge
of literally everything in the studio except for payroll and marketing.

How does Elements Massage® provide ongoing support?
John takes advantage of the ongoing marketing ideas. He says, “Support has never faltered. I can call
anytime and get someone to help me with just about anything.”
What’s the most rewarding aspect of owning an Elements Massage® Franchise?
John says the most rewarding aspect of owning his Elements Massage® studio is “hands down the
time and freedom.”

Plans for the future?
John says he would love to have another studio. He is very busy with two other roles as well as being a
college professor. His young family also keeps him busy.

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