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Our First Therapist Thursday: Engage w/ the Team & Win Upgrades

Our First Therapist Thursday: Engage w/ the Team & Win Upgrades

John L. Pantera

Today marks the beginning of our Therapist Thursdays! This week's question was “What are some simple stretches you can do at work?”

Here are 3 different answers from my team:

1. Simply, from a standing position with knees locked or slightly bent try to touch toes or at least knees then shins then toes as a goal. Perform two times a day, hold for 20-30 seconds.This stretch immediately helps to stretch the lower back and hamstrings. Best done during the day or evening.


2. Back in my office days, I did the following at least once an hour to help keep me from getting overly tight working at a computer:

  • Knitting the fingers together and stretching the arms forward, palms out. Then slowly raising the arms overhead.
  • Crossing the arms over the body, using the opposite hand to hug the arm closer to the chest.
  • Grabbing each side of a door frame at shoulder height and stretching the torso forward.


3. Simple neck stretches: turning right and left, leaning the head right and left, chin to the chest, head tilted back. Repeat 5 times.


Engage in conversation with us on Facebook or Twitter and mention this week's topic for a chance to win our free upgrade for the week. The upgrade is your choice of free hot stones or extend a 55-minute massage to 80-minutes. Good luck!

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