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Make Valentine's Day Special: Top 5 Romance Tips

Make Valentine's Day Special: Top 5 Romance Tips

John L. Pantera

Every year Valentine's Day is either happily welcomed as a chance to celebrate love and romance, or it is rejected as a Hallmark holiday that can remind us of our loneliness. If you are trying to make Valentine's Day a joyous occasion, learn these 5 tips that will surely pay dividends in your relationship:

1. Don't act as if Valentine's Day does not matter to your significant other. Trust me, it matters.

2. Don't do the same thing everyone else does. Find unique and special gifts and make this year different. It's not always about spending more money, small gifts are more romantic sometimes.

3. Don't forget the simple power of giving a well-thought out Valentine's Day card.

4. Forget roses, go with something more exotic like calla lilies or tulips. It'll prove that you put some serious thought into this day.

5. Don't be afraid to take control. Don't ever ask "Where would you like to go to dinner tonight?" This sounds so much better: "Don't worry about where we're going tonight, I've got it all planned out, you just enjoy the adventure." Spontaneity and assertiveness can be very sexy.

Above all, don't ever let the romance die on February 15th. Keep it alive and practice daily moments of romance and appreciation for your partner.

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