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Words of Wellness

Introducing...Therapist Thursdays: Starts Tomorrow!

Introducing...Therapist Thursdays: Starts Tomorrow!

John L. Pantera

To highlight the expertise and personalities of Elements' amazing therapists and increase engagement with clients, we're introducing “Therapist Thursdays” online.

The basic concept is pretty straightforward:

1. I pose a wellness question to my team, and get up to 3 different answers that directly help you increase your overall wellness.
2. I post the responses on the studio blog.
3. I promote the blog post through our social media platforms [Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn].
4. As always, discussion and additional questions from you are encouraged.
5. Let's keep the conversation going!

The question for March 28th is "What are some simple stretches you can do at work?"

Be sure to check our social media sites and blog for the answers!


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