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1367 E 6th Ave
East Unit
Denver, CO 80218

Mon - Sun 8am - 10pm
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Roni | Level 3+/4

Available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday

Hello, and welcome to our studio! My name is Roni, and I am one of a variety of caring, knowledgeable therapists here at Elements Massage. I am happy you have chosen us to help you in your pursuit of living a healthy life.

I enjoy using diverse styles of massage to meet your individual wants and needs, so you can get the most out of your session. I strive to meet your body where it’s at in that moment, making your goals for how you want to feel after a session my top priority. I like to give clients a mind set of truly designing their body care. Whether you have specific issues of chronic pain and tension, or simply want to relax, I’ll give you the type of work you feel you need. Along the way, I may educate you about your body and give home-care tips to keep you feeling well more often.

If you’re new to massage or not, I always want to build a professional trust as we journey through your specific issues. That way we can build a treatment plan that makes sense to you, and can bring you progressive results. Keep in mind, the mind and body are constantly changing depending on your lifestyle, so I may recommended changes in your treatment by booking a one hour, 90 minute, or two hour massage in 1-3 weeks. Trust and communication between a massage therapist and their client makes these recommendations healthy and more significant.

I love combining Structural and Deep Tissue work, with Cranial and energetic modalities such as Reiki, to facilitate the healing of your mind and body. Before getting my Associates Degree in Therapeutic Massage with over 1,200 hours of preliminary training, I started in this field by working on my grandma’s various injuries and ailments. My belief is, “if one nurtures the mind, body, and soul, his or her life will be in the happiest and healthiest state possible.” Massage is a genuine necessity in this venture, and I would love to help you accomplish this amazing goal.

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