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Jennifer | Massage Therapist

Available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday

I’m so glad you chose Elements! I am a Virginia native who loves the great outdoors and finds solace on mountain summits, the massage table, and my yoga mat. My life was positively changed in 2010 after a serious accident left me uncertain if my body would ever be the same. I dived into physical therapy and holistic modalities, including massage therapy, breath work (pranayama), chiropractic care, and yoga. Massage was an integral part in my full recovery and I am forever grateful to the practitioners who worked with me through my healing process. Not only did my physical body recover, but my mental and emotional life improved as well. I continued receiving massage therapy on a regular basis for years and was so inspired by the benefits I experienced that I decided to go to massage school.

I graduated from the Blue Ridge School of Massage and Yoga in Virginia in 2014 with a wide-range of massage techniques, knowledge of human anatomy, kinesiology, and health and wellness. I also completed two yoga teacher training programs (HYTT 500 hours) and a transparency life coaching program. I particularly enjoy working with clients who have injuries or trauma, be it physical or emotional. My massage therapy sessions are tailored to the needs and comfort of each client. I believe in empowering my clients to improve their health and happiness outside of the massage room as well so be prepared for “homework” and tips on what you can do in between sessions with me!

At the end of my yoga teacher training, my teacher gave us Sanskrit names. She named me Prital (Prih-tall) meaning Loved One. I see this as my very simple life purpose: To love and be loved. I have Loved One tattooed on my wrist to remind me that everyone I encounter and those I touch are sacred beings of loving kindness.

I look forward to meeting you!



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