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All About the Most Popular Massage: Swedish

All About the Most Popular Massage: Swedish

Elements Massage Chandler South

Swedish Massage is arguably the most popular form of massage but what does it have to do with Sweden? What about the massage itself? What techniques does it actually employ? Why is it so popular? We’re here to address all of your questions regarding this contemporary massage modality.

In reality, Swedish massage has little to do with either Sweden or Swedish practitioners. In fact, the name “Swedish Massage” was coined by a Dutch massage practitioner names Johan Georg Mezger. Mezger was also responsible for invoking French names for the following movements associated with this type of massage:           

  • Effleurage
    Known as quick stroking movements that direct circulation towards the heart to encourage circulation of blood and lymph.
  • Petrissage
    This category includes movements such as pressing, lifting, and compression skin and muscle, similar to how someone would work dough.
  • Tapotement
    This term refers to percussive manipulations, think similar to a drummer. Examples including tapping, cupping, and pounding depending on the muscle tissues and intensity of the movement.
  • Frictions
    Just like it sounds, this category involves rubbing action, most often in opposite directions to produce heat and friction.

All in all, Swedish massage is a great standalone treatment due to its gentle nature and ability to induce a deep sense of relaxation. It’s perfect for beginners to regulars and also is great when used in conjunction with other specialized techniques like hot stones or deep tissue.



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