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Massage to Combat Depression

Massage to Combat Depression

Elements Massage Chandler South

Suffering from depression can be a difficult and ongoing battle. With inhibiting symptoms that can exacerbate other conditions including cancer, cardiovascular disease, and arthritis, depression an infringe upon an individual’s ability to live a healthy, enjoyable life.

As a non-invasive, holistic, and non-pharmacological tool, massage can help improve general health and wellness, particularly from those that are fighting depression. With the unique ability to alleviate several of the terrible parts of depression, massage is one of the many ways to help sufferers find relief.

How It Works
Many people are unaware that depression can be accompanied by physical discomforts. Oftentimes called ‘structural collapse’ these aches and pains include:

-Slumped shoulders

-Bad posture

-Neck and spinal alignment issues

-Restricted breathing (unable to breathe in deeply)

-Shortening of stomach muscles

-Tightening of abdominal arch

Massage works to address these common issues through the application of pressure and movement to correct posture issues and allow individuals to release areas of tension that can stem from harboring difficult emotions.

Additionally, paying attention to breathwork is another added bonus of massage that can lend a sense of energy, renewal, and invigoration.

Other benefits of massage include:

-Reducing stress and anxiety levels

-Encouraging production of feel-good hormones

-Boosting circulation and lymph system functions

-Establishing circadian rhythms for better sleep

-Lowering stress hormones

If you or someone you love is struggling with depression, a massage may deliver a beneficial experience! Talk to our massage therapists today about what we can do.

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