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Use Massage to Manage Migraines

Use Massage to Manage Migraines

Elements Scottsdale on Shea


Stiffness, pain, and immobility are not the natural states of a body, but what about pain that isn’t always centered in muscles or tendons or joints? The kind of pain created by a migraine often feels like a category unto itself. It can be excruciating, even to the point of nausea. A migraine often means a day wasted, as the day is often spent in bed trying to get through the migraine attack. There is of course medication to treat migraines, but adding massage therapy to the regimen makes for a more holistic approach to healing with all the benefits that a more complete treatment means.

In a study done by the University of Miami and published in the International Journal of Neuroscience, it was found that 60% of individuals who received regular massage therapy along with the medical treatments for their migraines experienced little to no pain at all in the month of the study. On top of this, the message therapy improved sleeping and increased serotonin levels, which means reduced feelings of stress. It’s hard to argue with these numbers! These results were mostly achieved through deep tissue massage at the base of the skull, neck, and upper back during the periods between migraine attacks. A massage in the middle of a migraine did not produce the desired effects, so it is important to time your massage.

It is also important to remember that when receiving a deep tissue massage (this goes for any client, not just ones seeking relief from migraines!) if the pressure feels like it’s too much, then it probably is. If you find yourself grinding your teeth or feel your heart racing, these are indicators that your body is producing a stress hormone called cortisol, which will reduce the benefits of the massage. Tell you therapist to ease on the pressure – they need you to communicate with them in order to ensure that you receive the best personal treatment that they can offer!

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