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Swim Your Way to Better Health

Swim Your Way to Better Health

Elements Massage Central Scottsdale


In Arizona, the summer heat often makes it difficult to be outside for long periods of time once the early hours of the morning have passed. But some people have found a way to beat the heat and still stick to a workout routine by utilizing the swimming pools that many houses and gyms in Arizona have at their disposal. Swimming is an excellent health option for many reasons – not just because it is cooler than running on the roads during the hot months of July and August. Swimming has added physical and mental health benefits that set it apart from other types of exercise.

First, swimming is easier on joints than exercises done on land. The water relieves some of the pressure on knees, hips, feet, and shoulders that can make training on land uncomfortable. This means that swimming is an ideal way for individuals with joint problems such as arthritis to keep active, and in many cases sees improvements in mobility and levels of pain. However, swimming is not just for individuals who have difficulties with traditional forms of exercise. According to the CDC, people in general report enjoying water-based exercise more than exercising on land! Also, swimming has been found by the CDC to improve mood and reduce stress in both men and women.

When the going gets hot, go to the pool! Swimming has positive physical and mental health benefits that will help you get your body in shape and your mentality in a positive place. Double up on these benefits by adding regular therapeutic massages to your health regimen as well as swimming! Massage therapy will help your muscles recover, making your workouts more effective, as well as help decrease stress and improve mood over the long term. Book an appointment with Elements Massage Central Scottsdale: 480.941.3077.

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