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Summer, Snacking, Sleeping, and Keeping Healthy

Summer, Snacking, Sleeping, and Keeping Healthy

Elements Massage Scottsdale


Summer is supposed to be the season of fun – the time for vacations and trips, days spent in the pool while kids are off school. It’s the season where memories are made. It’s also the summer of barbeques and ice cream cones and hot dogs. It can be so tempting to stop paying attention to what you eat or drink during these carefree months, but making sure that you’re still eating healthy is very important for staying happy during the summer. Maintaining good habits can have implications for your levels of stress as well as your overall health, just like it does during the other three seasons.

Summer time is the season of wonderful fresh fruits and vegetables, so try to make time in your schedule to put them to use! Go to the local farmer’s market and pick up the fresh berries, apples, avocadoes, cucumbers, or any of the other dozens of fruits and vegetables that will be spilling out of the stalls. Plan your dinners before you go, making a list of the things you’ll need to make the meals healthy and flavorful. Planning ahead saves time because you’ll only need to go to the store once, which is much easier than having to stop every day on your way home. It’s also important to make sure you’re drinking plenty of water during these months – especially living in Arizona where you perspire just by stepping outside of an air-conditioned building. Staying hydrated will keep your body healthy and processing toxins the way it should.

It is also important to make sure that you keep a regular sleep schedule, even when it might be tempting to stay up all night if you’re on vacation. Sleep functions as a mental reset button, which helps your body and brain manage itself and stay healthy. Taking away that time for your body to rebalance itself can lead to fluctuating weight and mood swings. It might seem like a great idea to start going to bed at three in the morning and sleeping until noon, but it’s more likely to hurt your health during the season when you want to be at your most energetic and happy. However, we are only human, and sometimes we get off track.

If this happens, and you’re having a hard time breaking the cycle of unhealthy living, try a round of therapeutic massage at Elements Massage Scottsdale. Regular massage therapy can help your body relax and rebalance its hormones, giving you a chance to stay on track with a little more ease. Treat yourself in all the right ways this summer by eating healthy, sleeping well, and keeping yourself relaxed with therapeutic massage!

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