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Setting Yourself Up for Massage Success

Setting Yourself Up for Massage Success

Elements Massage Central Scottsdale

Many people just pop into our studio, receive a massage, and feel better and while this is mostly true, there are a whole host of steps you can take to maximizing the effects of your therapeutic session with our talented team. To help you achieve the best results from your massage, here are a few helpful tips for how you can set yourself up for success before coming in to our studio:

● Punctuality
When you head in for your appointment, give yourself plenty of time to get there. If you are running ragged trying to get into our doors, it is going to take time to calm down and enjoy your massage and we want you to experience the best massage possible. By planning ahead, and not worrying about being late, you can take your time filling out any paperwork as necessary and relaxing in our soothing reception area mentally and physically preparing for your massage.

● Hydration
Drinking plenty of water before your massage enables your muscles to be pliable and receive the pressure and movement involved in your session. Being well hydrated before and after is a great way to flush out toxins stored in your muscles too.

● Deep Breathing
Breathing is key to relaxation. Throughout your massage you should be able to draw in a deep breathe and slowly exhale through the pressure.

● Communication
As always, talk openly with your massage therapist about your needs. If you are experiencing tension in a particular area or are injured, be sure to convey this information to your massage therapist so they can deliver you with the best massage for you on that day! Additionally, throughout your massage, if you want more pressure or lighter pressure, let your massage therapist know! Our team is talented but they aren’t mind readers.

We are here to help. Book your next appointment today and take these steps to ensure a great experience!

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