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Setting Yourself Up For Good Habits

Setting Yourself Up For Good Habits

Elements Massage Central Scottsdale

It is easy to want to make change happen in your life but it can also be incredible difficult to follow through and actually bring about the desired changes. As creatures of habit, most people continue performing their naturally occurring behavioral patterns, even though many would like to incorporate more positive and healthy habits to their daily lives.

One of the biggest hurdles when introducing new habits into your life is starting out with an insurmountable list. To set yourself up for success, instead of creating a monster list of all of the changes you’d like to make, start out small by identifying several specific points you’d like to change. Several examples of excellent new habits that can bring about desired change in your life are:

  • Fostering more positivity
  • Exercising regularly
  • Stop multi-tasking and try focusing on one single task at a time
  • Focus on one goal and achieve it
  • Become a minimalist
  • Be kinder to yourself and others
  • Create a more efficient routine

To encourage yourself along this journey and set yourself up for success at incorporating new habits into your life, try out a thirty-day challenge that concentrates on just one habit. This way, you can commit yourself fully to your goal. We also recommend writing out your motivations, any obstacles you can identify that could potentially derail you from success, and any strategies you have available to you in overcoming these obstacles.

Another important component when bringing about change is to have a network of support, either real or online, that you can rely on to hold yourself accountable but also help you figure out what went wrong if you falter and fail. If this happens, after identifying where you failed, make a new plan and then try again.

Lastly, it is critical that you give yourself credit for any little successes to continue on with your new habits. One good way of giving attention to your small steps towards success is by rewarding yourself. Whether with a quiet massage, a good home cooked meal, or an hour in bed with a good book, the kinder you are to yourself in this process, the more likely you will continue to foster better habits.

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