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Recuperating After Skiing

Recuperating After Skiing

Elements Massage Central Scottsdale

In Arizona, we are lucky to live in such proximity to great hiking and other outdoor activities. Just north of us, we have slopes for skiing. If you are a fan of this favorite winter activity, you are in luck. There really is nothing quite like a day on the slopes with family and friends.

Skiing can leave your body feeling tired and sore. Massage at our Elements Massage studio is just the thing to promote a quicker recovery. Here’s how it works:


After a day skiing (or snowboarding for that matter), your legs are exhausted. The leg muscles receive the brunt of activity in navigating your downhill fun. What causes your muscles to seize up when post-skiing, is millions of microscopic tears in your muscles that occur from strenuous activity that result in inflammation.

Another critical area of the body that can feel fatigued in a post-winter slope session is your core. This is most often because your core serves the function of stabilizing your body. When heading downhill, your core allows you to absorb pressure from snow, moguls, powder, and any other obstacles you encounter on your way downhill. Plus, your core is important to balance and in maintaining proper posture to prevent you from falling.

Your feet and ankles may be incredibly sore and tired after a day outside. When skiing your feet perform edging and other rotational movements to keep you on your path downhill.

Your gluteal muscle group controls your legs and when you perform a hard day of skiing, your outer thighs, upper legs, and backside will pay the price. That sensation of finding it difficult to sit down from soreness is not atypical after a good day outdoors.


To alleviate the aches and pains described above, massage employees the application of pressure along with a range of movements to help encourage blood flow to oxygenate your muscles, bring nutrients, promote toxin removal, and to work out any areas of tension so you can sit back, relax, and start your path to recovery (so you can get out there and do it again!).

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