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Recovering From an Injury Quicker

Recovering From an Injury Quicker

Elements Massage Central Scottsdale

Recovering from any injury can be difficult. It’s a mental and physical process that takes time. With massage, however, we may be able to help facilitate a quicker recovery period.

Typically, the main goals of recovery include an agenda to increase strength and to restore flexibility and movement. By encouraging circulation to bring needed nutrients and oxygen to the site of an injury, and to remove any toxins that build up, massage shows tremendous results in speeding up the time it takes to heal.

General Benefits
One of the best types of massage for those that suffer an injury is deep tissue massage. You’ll need to talk openly and honestly with your massage therapist about what ails you to ensure the right course of massage. Additionally, you should always speak with your primary care physician to clear your treatment plan and make sure it’s safe. Benefits of massage for speeding up the healing process include:

  1. Healthier Muscles
    With better circulation, your muscles will be healthier. This is due to maximizing nutrients and oxygen which can increase your tissue’s metabolism and thus speed up healing. Think of massage as a mega-dose of vitamins for your muscles.
  2. Better Flexibility
    In any recovery situation, maintaining flexibility is crucial to avoid becoming stiff. Individuals that seek out regular massage can maintain and improve range of motion to streamline body mechanics, a necessary component of making a full recovery.
  3. Quicker Recovery Times
    By removing lactic acid and carbonic acid buildup from your muscles, massage can shorten the length of time it takes to recover.
  4. Prevent Future Injuries
    Giving attention and getting in the habit of stretching your connective tissue now can help prevent future injuries. Don’t wait until you are injured to start a stretching or massage routine.

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