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Prenatal Massage at Elements Central Scottsdale

Prenatal Massage at Elements Central Scottsdale

Elements Massage Central Scottsdale

A baby on the way means an ongoing rollercoaster of excitement, anticipation, and worry. The upcoming responsibility and physical changes can be overwhelming at times. In fact, this period of life can take a toll on the relationship of both partners. At Elements Central Scottsdale, we can help mitigate the feelings of flux by helping to establish a positive and healthy connection for each parent-to-be. By scheduling massage sessions at the same time, both parents can address whatever is ailing them so they can sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride more.

For Dads
Although there aren’t many physical changes experienced by dads-to-be, (arguable, some say that men do gain weight during their partner’s pregnancy but this is often attributed to a change in eating habits to accommodate cravings!), there are absolutely mental ebbs and flows. Maintaining a happy and supportive relationship can consume a lot of energy and whether it's tasked with preparing the house for baby’s arrival or working hard to take time off, many men report feeling extra stressed and overwhelmed. Massage is one key way to address these issues. Massage can help restore health and wellness and maximize benefits such as:

Reducing anxiety

Improving quality of sleep

Addressing aches and pains

Calming the central nervous system

Boost immune function

Decrease anxiety and stress levels

For Moms
It’s true that what pregnant women experience is a whole different ballgame but a prenatal massage is just the right treatment for a host of pregnancy-derived issues like swelling in the legs and ankles, sciatica pain, stress headaches, and backaches. It is important to discuss your plans with your doctor before seeking out professional massage treatment, just to be safe. As a great way to nurture the relationship between the female body and her growing baby, massage also offers:

A boost in circulatory system function

Relieves achy neck and back

Decreases swelling

Boosts energy

During this special time, both parents-to-be deserve a little extra special care and massage is the perfect way to enable any couple to grow healthier together.

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