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October is Massage Therapy Month – Learn About the Techniques!

October is Massage Therapy Month – Learn About the Techniques!

Elements Massage Scottsdale on Shea


Massage Therapy Week is typically only given the last full week in October, but for a practice with so many styles and health benefits, Elements Therapeutic Massage has decided to expand it into an entire month.  Take advantage of this education campaign! Call and book an appointment with Elements Therapeutic Massage Scottsdale on Shea and ask about the new client special.  Maybe you could benefit from a trigger point massage.


A trigger point massage focuses on localized knots where the body tends to hold tension, which can affect other areas on the body.  For instance, a tight spot in the neck may cause headaches, or a knot in the upper back can radiate out to other areas.  These trigger points develop over time through muscle strain due to repeated motions, standing for long periods of time, poor posture, stress, anxiety, or even allergies.   All of which are common in modern life.  Trigger point massages is designed to alleviate the pain through isolated pressure and release techniques.  Focuses on the areas with the most tension can increase blood flow and improve nerve function as well as reduce the tension and pain.  Trigger point massage therapy is offered at Elements Therapeutic Massage Scottsdale on Shea, and it has been shown that benefits are experienced after a single session. 

Elements Massage Scottsdale on Shea (480) 941-3077.

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