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Massage Modalities and Techniques

Massage Modalities and Techniques

Elements Massage Central Scottsdale

There are approximately 350 different modalities of massage and bodywork. That’s a lot! This unique field boasts mixtures of ancient and holistic healing practices combined with modern science and bodywork research to produce exciting and beneficial results. Each form of massage aims to target a different physical, emotional, and sometimes spiritual component.

At our studio, we offer a wide variety of techniques geared to suit your individual needs. Our most commonly performed modalities include:


One of the more traditional modes of modern massage, Swedish massage has one main focus: relaxation. Using a combination of movements and pressure, this form of massage offers a truly therapeutic experience.

Deep Tissue

This form of massage applies pressure to the layers of muscle, tendons, and other tissues situated deep in the body to alleviate knots, aches, and pains. The perfect modality for those that sit at a desk to the athlete in training.

Hot Stone
This type of massage involves heated basalt stones that are placed on the body to loosen your muscles and reduce tension and stress. This form is also excellent at elevating your mood and strengthening your circulation.

Just as it sounds, Couples Massage delivers a stress reducing, muscle relaxing experience to you and your loved one at the exact same time. Now you can sit back and relax together, sharing in the benefits of massage.


Prenatal massage boasts pain management, stress relief and more for women experiencing the demands of pregnancy. This modality unites the utmost care and attention to bring about many benefits for this special period of time!

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