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Words of Wellness

Five Ways Massage Can Improve Your Health

Five Ways Massage Can Improve Your Health

Elements Massage Scottdale on Shea

Sometimes it’s important to get back to basics. Massage has many health benefits, and each day research shows that there are more than we ever imagined. But for the everyday person, the reasons for receiving massage therapy can get lost in the constant harping on techniques and history and all of the new possibilities that are emerging on the horizon of therapeutic massage as a health treatment. Because that’s what it is – a health treatment. Yes it’s relaxing and it feels indulgent, but therapeutic massage is more than luxury. It plays an important role in health regimens for people who are dealing with everyday problems.

Massage therapy is proven to lower stress levels, and in today’s fast-paced, frantic culture everyone feels stressed out. Massage helps relieve not only the stress, but also the conditions associated with it like tension headaches. Along these lines, therapeutic massage is also helpful with managing pain. Chronic pain impacts both physical and mental health; it impedes recovery from illness or injury and impacts most aspects of daily life. Therapeutic massage can help manage and alleviate both the chronic pain as well as its symptoms. In general, massage can improve mental health and wellness. With lower stress levels and less pain, anxiety, depression, and mood swings are also alleviated. Both your mental and physical wellbeing can benefit from therapeutic massage in real, obvious ways. Massage also boosts your immune system and improves physical fitness by rebalancing your body and reworking muscles into a more relaxed, less tense state.

Therapeutic massage is for everyone – you don’t need to be in pain from a major operation or have extreme allergies or any of these conditions to benefit from it. Everyone has stress, cramped muscles, anxiety, or pain in some way or another. Massage therapy and a licensed therapist can help alleviate these symptoms and improve anyone’s quality of life.

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