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Desks: the Backbone of the Problem

Desks: the Backbone of the Problem

Elements Massage Central Scottsdale


Working at a desk for the majority of the workday increases the pressure on your lower back significantly.  In fact, going from a standing to sitting position increases the pressure on the lower discs by 40%, and slouching increases it even more. Over time, this strain and pressure can result in problems like chronic back pain, arthritis, and degenerated discs.  Frequently, these injuries don’t interrupt work, but they interrupt the more active parts of your life.  It is more likely that the pain shows up when you’re playing golf or spending time outside – the parts of your life you want to enjoy. 

There are precautions that you can take to help prevent injury and back pain while at work.  Make sure that your desk is set up in such a way that the strain on your spine is reduced – computer screen raised to eye level, knees just below the level of the hips, and back straight.  It is also important to take intermittent breaks during the workday to stretch the lower back with five to ten backbends in order to restore circulation.  Doctors also recommend 30-minute walks three or four times a week and some crunches to keep the muscles strong for those long days spent behind a desk. 

However, sometimes our muscles have become so tense or knotted over the days, weeks, months, years spent at a desk with improper posture, so making these changes may not have the maximum impact you desire.  Therapeutic massage can help undo some of the damage done to muscles, which gives you the opportunity to introduce better habits to prevent future injury.  By relaxing the muscles and working out tension and knots, therapeutic massage helps to reverse some of the tension and strain on your spine by improving the condition of the supporting muscles in your back.  Book your appointment today to start experiencing the benefits and improving your work environment! Elements Massage Central Scottsdale 480-941-3077.

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