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Avoiding Summer Sickness

Avoiding Summer Sickness

Elements Massage Central Scottsdale

It’s a bummer to get sick in the summer yet we’ve heard many people around us complain of summer colds and other illnesses. To stay healthy and encourage your body’s immunity, here are a few tips on how to take care to have the best season possible:

  1. Sanitize Common Spaces
    Viruses can live on surfaces for up to 48 hours after contact. To decrease your chances of getting ill this summer, wipe down common spaces at your home and office to reduce the likelihood of catching a bug. Key spots include doorknobs, telephones, computer keyboards, cell phones, coffee machines and more.
  2. Regular Massage Sessions
    Massage can boost your body’s immune system and help you ward off those unwanted bugs. Regularly scheduling massage sessions is a great way to encourage relaxation and lessen pesky stress levels so your body can fight off germs.
  3. Work Out
    Add regular exercise to your routine to help your body sweat out stored toxins. Not to mention it helps you sleep better and can nurture your mind and body connection.
  4. Avoid Booze
    While it’s easy to overindulge at summer gatherings, alcohol diminishes your body’s immune levels. If everyone around you has the sniffles, try reaching for the water instead to stay hydrated and healthy.
  5. Get Good Sleep
    Sleep is integral to a healthy routine. Even in summer with long daylight hours, getting sleep allows your body to restore itself. Take the necessary steps (like avoiding technology in bed and eating lighter dinners) to make the most of your shuteye time.

There are plenty of other steps you can take to help keep yourself and those around you healthy this summer. After all, our team at Elements Massage Central Scottsdale wants you to have a great season of fun in the sun. Give our studio a call and get your next appointment on our books now.

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