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Elements Massage Announces New AromaRitual Service

Elements Massage Central Scottsdale May 23, 2018 Health

We are thrilled to be offering a new aromatherapy service at Elements Massage Central Scottsdale. This new service, which is called AromaRitual, will deliver an enhanced massage experience augmented with high-quality, custom essential oil blends.

The Benefits of Prenatal Massage at Each Stage of Pregnancy

ELements Massage Central Scottsdale May 16, 2018 Health

Becoming a mother involves drastic changes for a woman’s mind and body, and massage may help ease these transitions. Read on about the benefits of prenatal massage at each stage of pregnancy.

Cycling and Massage

Elements Massage Central Scottsdale Apr 12, 2018 Health

Cycling can take a toll on your body. Here are the massage modalities best suited to taking care of a cyclist’s needs.

All About Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

ELements Massage Central Scottsdale Mar 29, 2018 Health

You may have heard the term but don’t quite know exactly what it entails, Himalayan Salt Stone Massage is a new popular form of hot stone massage.

Aromatherapy Works

Elements Massage Central Scottsdale Mar 15, 2018 Health

Aromatherapy, or the use of plant-derived essential oils to create a range of olfactory responses, has been practiced for ages and it is just as relevant and just as effective today as it has ever been.

Remembering to Breathe

Elements Massage Central Scottsdale Mar 1, 2018 Health

At Elements Massage Central Scottsdale, we have outlined a few common breathing practices that can help you make this important activity a regular part of your day.

Getting into Meditation

Elements Massage Central Scottsdale Feb 16, 2018 Health

At Elements Massage Central Scottsdale, we invite you to take a breather. A meditation breather that is. Here’s how to start a meditation practice:

Harnessing the Mind and Body Connection

Elements Massage Central Scottsdale Feb 9, 2018 Health

Massage is a powerful tool and when it comes to harnessing and nurturing the mind/body connection, it’s one of the best tools available. Here’s why:

Massage and Arthritis

Elements Massage Central Scottsdale Jan 12, 2018 Health

Massage addresses many arthritic conditions through the manipulation of tissues and muscle. Read more about the benefits of massage:

Recuperating After Skiing

Elements Massage Central Scottsdale Jan 5, 2018 Health

Massage at our Elements Massage Central Scottsdale studio is just the thing to promote a quicker recovery from skiing activities. Here’s how:


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