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Castle Rock Promenade

Promenade at Castle Rock

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Julia Barnett Oct 6, 2016 Our Studio

With the season changing, it is time to start thinking of some new things to do with the family. But how do you decide? Fall offers so many fun and exciting activities to do! The only question that you will have to answer is how far are you willing to go? Staying local in Castle Rock would be a perfect place to start. This small town offers a wide variety of family-oriented...

Sep 1, 2016 Our Studio

Does your Monday through Friday world consist of a desk, a phone, a computer, and a well-used chair? When you get out of your office chair at the end of a long day, do you feel as sore and tired as if you’ve just played a few rounds of volleyball or moved furniture? It’s no secret that desk jobs can wreak havoc on your body.  With a whopping 80% of us who...

Jul 31, 2016 Our Studio

We all know the feeling; it starts with a scratch on the back of the throat, then you’re tired, and then you cough. Yep, you’ve got a cold. It's a pretty common feeling around this time of year, between your children bringing germs home from school and the added stress of the season changing — it is a popular time for the common cold to just pop into your...

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