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How Much Should I Tip?

How Much Should I Tip?

Q. Clients ask me this all the time, because they really want to do the right thing -- but don't know what the right thing is.

A. Like restaurant servers, Elements Massage Therapists factor in tips as part of their wage. A standard tip, similar to in a restaurant, is between 10% and 25% of the value of the service. (So, if you want to tip 20 percent on a 79 dollar 55 minute massage, then you would leave $16. If it was great -- leave more, if you felt something was lacking that the therapist could have controlled, leave less.)

Q. Why do we use a tipping system when we could just make it a flat rate?

A. For the same reason that tipping exists in restaurants. A vending machine can get you your food. A great server can execute your order perfectly, make sure your wine glass is always filled, and/or coax your tired seven year-old into "trying the chicken fingers." Servers that bring your food with the effort of a vending machine, should not be overcompensated. Servers that give their 'all' to make your dining experience fabulous, should get compensated for their above-and-beyond effort.

We believe that all our massage therapists are just terrific, but we leave the tipping system in place so that you, the client, are given the opportunity with your gratuity to show them that you think so too.

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