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Massage for Professionals: Perks of Massage for the Desk Job

Massage for Professionals: Perks of Massage for the Desk Job


Sitting at a desk job all day can really take its toll not only on your back, shoulders, arms, and body alignment, the sedentary nature of such jobs also taxes your immune system and adds stress in your life.  Maintaining the same position for hours with minimal breaks leads to a loss of circulation.  Muscles become tight as you sit all day, blood and lymph flow are impeded which leads to decreased energy, mental fogginess, poor productivity and becoming susceptible to repetitive stress injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

The corporate world is finally catching up to research that has long supported the positive impact of massage therapy for maintaining body balance, improved mental alertness, reduced stress-induced illnesses, and overall improved job performance.

White blood cells are critical in keeping your immune system strong as well as fighting cancers.  Studies have shown that massage improves circulation and increases white blood cell count to fight these illnesses and reduce costs due to loss of work by employees suffering from basic illnesses such as colds and flu.

Reduced depression and stress are two key benefits of massage.  It is estimated that daily, over 1 million workers miss work due to stress and/or depression.  Countless dollars are paid out of pocket or through insurance for stress reducing medications each year. Massage has been shown to help reducing injuries and stress related absenteeism, thereby reducing workers’ compensation claims as well as insurance claims.

The bottom line is that massage improves the bottom line for employers. A Touch Research Institute study conducted at the University of Miami concluded that employees who received a massage twice each week experienced reduced stress, less fatigue, and improved job performance over the control group who just closed their eyes and relaxed. EEG results measured alpha and beta waves and showed that the massage recipients were more alert and experienced reduced levels of stress hormones. The massage group also performed better on math skills tests.

It is difficult, if not impossible to find reasons NOT to receive regular massages.  Contact your massage professionals at Elements Massage today and not only improve your company’s bottom line, but improve your personal health, well being, and happiness.  No studies are needed to confirm those truths for you.

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