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How Massage Effectively Lowers Blood Pressure

How Massage Effectively Lowers Blood Pressure


Not only is massage extremely beneficial to your everyday health, it can be very effective for lowering blood pressure and improving circulation. When your circulation is poor, you can experience chills in your extremities, fatigue, achiness and more – not to mention blood pressure issues that can lead to potentially fatal events like heart attack or stroke.

Massage effectively lowers blood pressure and improves circulation, particularly if you engage in regular sessions with a licensed practitioner. Here’s how:

  • Initiates blood movement: Massage techniques actually moved blood throughout the treated areas, including areas where it might be congested. By applying pressure to move the blood through your body, fresh new blood is encouraged to flow in. According to a report from the University of Minnesota, “Improved circulation can enhance the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to muscle cells. As cellular health improves, tissues function more efficiently.”
  • Improves relaxation and range of motion: Because massage both relaxes you and encourages the flow of blood throughout the body, your range of motion increases with long-term, regular massages. Although no scientific evidence exists that shows relaxation as a deterrent to high blood pressure, stress can lead to lifestyle choices (such as smoking and overeating) that increase your risk of high blood pressure. Better range of motion and reduced stress – as benefits of massage – have been found to help lower blood pressure. Click here to learn more about the long-term and short-term benefits of massage.
  • Increases circulation of other bodily fluids: The squeezing and pulling techniques in massage can also drive lactic acid out of your muscles. This improves the circulation of the fluid in your lymphatic areas, which in turn transports metabolic waste from your muscles and organs. Therefore, your body will be more healthy and vibrant in and out with regular massage sessions! Click here for more information on how massage helps improve bodily circulation.

We firmly believe that regular massage sessions will not only lower your blood pressure and risk of life-threatening disease, but it will improve your overall wellness and health. Please contact our Bellevue massage studio today for more information about regular massage treatments through the Elements Massage Wellness Program.

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