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Get Out, Get Active, Get a Massage this Spring

Mar 24, 2015 Wellness

As spring approaches, we’re all starting to think about getting outside and enjoying the many opportunities to exercise. Spring also represents a wake-up call for our bodies; it is time to come out of hibernation and start exercising again. As you begin to get active, it is important to incorporate a therapeutic massage into your training plans. Improve your Flexibility If...

The Gift that Keeps on Giving: Benefits of Massage after Your Massage

Admin Nov 20, 2014 Wellness

You will be hard pressed to find someone who can’t come up with some great benefits for the relaxation and “feel-good” experienced during a massage session. Sometimes it is less clear to people the regular benefits to health and well being that people experience after the session is over. There are too many to list here, but these are some of the top reasons...

Massage for Professionals: Perks of Massage for the Desk Job

Admin Oct 16, 2014 Wellness

Sitting at a desk job all day can really take its toll not only on your back, shoulders, arms, and body alignment, the sedentary nature of such jobs also taxes your immune system and adds stress in your life.  Maintaining the same position for hours with minimal breaks leads to a loss of circulation.  Muscles become tight as you sit all day, blood and lymph flow are...

The Elements Way: Our Philosophy Exposed

Admin Jul 25, 2014 Wellness

The right massage every time. That’s the backbone of our philosophy here at Elements Massage. We call it The Elements Way—a holistic program ensuring an experience centered on relaxation and rejuvenation. It was founded by a massage therapist to channel the healing and restorative power of massage as a vital component of overall health and well-being. Each aspect...

End Your Day the Right Way with an Elements Massage

Admin May 22, 2014 Wellness

Whether you’re looking for a way to de-stress after a hectic work day or need a great gift idea for that special someone, Elements Massage offers a variety of services for whatever your massage needs may be. Our convenient location on Bellevue Way makes us accessible and convenient from all areas of the eastside. Squeeze a massage into your day and you won’t regret...

Top Health Benefits of Relaxation & Massage

Admin Apr 14, 2014 Wellness

It can be easy to let work and life take control of every waking minute, causing stress, anxiety and other conditions that are not-so-good for your health. Relaxation in the form of taking some time for yourself, to rest, get a massage, listen to soothing music, read a book, and other calming activities is very important.So important, in fact, that we’ve compiled the top...

Making the Most of your Monthly Massage Sessions

Admin Mar 17, 2014 Wellness

Before, during and after your massage - how to make the most of your monthly massage sessions at Elements Massage of Bellevue.

Massage your Brain: The Mental Benefits of Massage

Admin Feb 17, 2014 Wellness

It has long been accepted that certain activities such as reading, brain games, learning new skills, etc. all can help diminish and even ward off the onset of dementia.  There is increasing evidence that massage can stimulate brain function, reduce depression, and combat stress levels in all of us, not the just the aging population. 

How Massage Effectively Lowers Blood Pressure

Admin Jan 24, 2014 Wellness

Not only is massage extremely beneficial to your everyday health, it can be very effective for lowering blood pressure and improving circulation. When your circulation is poor, you can experience chills in your extremities, fatigue, achiness and more – not to mention blood pressure issues that can lead to potentially fatal events like heart attack or stroke.Massage effectively...

Give the Gift of Massage This Season!

Admin Dec 20, 2013 Wellness

The Holidays are a wonderful time of celebration and gathering with friends and loved ones. It can also be a time of strain and busy-ness that leaves many drained and in need of “recovery”. Our immune systems are taxed; we suffer from sleep issues and even depression during the holidays. Many of us worry each holiday season about finding that perfect gift for our...

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