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Meet Our Massage Therapists in Arvada, CO

At Elements Massage Arvada, our highly trained and qualified massage therapists will work with you to meet your individual needs.

Brenda | Massage Therapist

Available Friday, Saturday, Sunday

A Valued team member at the Elements Massage in Arvada.

Brenda is known for doing Swedish, Deep Tissue and Trigger Point work. She also likes to do Neuromuscular work as well as Himalayan Hot Stone massage.

Carrie | Massage Therapist

Available Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Favorite Area Of Focus: Really likes to focus on the back, as that is the area that most people carry stress.
Specialties: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Tigger Point, and Himalayan Hot Stone

Carrie is a massage therapist who enjoys helping those who are need of pain relief or relaxation.

Danny | Massage Therapist

Available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday


As a Massage Therapist my ultimate goal is to share my knowledge of Body-work with clients and together achieve the goal of moving away from stress and pain, and into self-care and consideration.

My favorite Therapy Modalities are Structural &...

Ella | Massage Therapist

Available Tuesday, Thursday, Friday


I went to Mountain Heart School of Bodywork in the beautiful Crested Butte, Co.

Being a Native of Colorado I believe in the Holistic practice of Therapeutic Massage.

As far as my modality, I like to mix it up a bit, light/medium, or firm pressure. I am able to give relaxation, smooth, Swedish, Trigger Point, and can break up chronic tightness. All of my sessions are tailored to fit your needs.


I became a Massage Therapist because I knew I had something special to contribute to the world and Massage fell into that space. “We was just like peas & carrots.”


Eric | Massage Therapist

Available Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday


I am a very specific therapist and my skill set is very much targeted at your pain area. My sessions are not light and flowing but are specific to relieve your targeted area of pain and release...

Jill | Massage Therapist

Available Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday



I graduated from Colorado School of Healing Arts.

I am an integrative massage therapist who loves giving Swedish, Hot Stone, and Neuromuscular massage. I want to share the healing benefits of massage emotionally, spiritually and...

Jorge | Massage Therapist

Available Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday


My therapeutic skills include Swedish massage, Structural Bodywork, Rehabilitation Massage, Sports Massage, and Pre-natal Massage.

My passion for helping improve the physical health of...

Lynn | Massage Therapist

Available Wednesday, Friday, Saturday



I became a Massage Therapist due to chronic pain from a motor vehicle accident in 1987; Massage helped me feel pain relief. I enjoy helping people help themselves, on many levels.

I particularly enjoy working with clients who have injuries or trauma, be it physical or emotional.  My massage therapy sessions are tailored to the needs and comfort of each client.  I believe in empowering my clients to improve their health and happiness outside of the massage room as well so be prepared for “homework” and tips on what you can do in between sessions with me!

Clients often enjoy my methods of working out knots and tension, while still providing a relaxing experience. This is usually considered a firm Swedish massage. I can and will, adjust upon your request and the responses I get from your muscles... It's important to consider massage therapy as part of your health routine. Everyone can benefit from massage whether they are looking to just relax from everyday life or relieving that pain that just won’t go away.

I have had many meaningful opportunities to work with people. Massage, however has been the only think that has changed my life for the better.


Tamara | Massage Therapist

Available Monday, Thursday, Saturday

Tamara is a valued team member at the Elements Massage in Arvada.

Tonette | Massage Therapist

Available Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday



  I graduated from Cambridge College with an associate’s degree in 2005 and have been blessed to do massage for 11+ years!

 I am known for my Deep Tissue techniques along with Medical...