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8770 Wadsworth Blvd
Unit T
Arvada, CO 80003

Mon - Sun 8:30am - 9:30pm
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Words of Wellness

The Elements’ Experience

The Elements’ Experience

Elements Massage Arvada

With a wide variety of health benefits, massage is a great tool to help reduce stress levels, improve heart health, boost quality of sleep, lower anxiety, and refresh, rejuvenate, and reinvigorate your mind and body connection. If you’ve never been to a massage session, it can be a little hard to know exactly what to expect. At Elements, to allay any pre-massage anxieties, there are a few practices to follow that can help set up you for massage success.

Getting Started
At Elements Arvada, we tailor each experience to fit your unique set of needs as a customer. From the moment you walk into our studio, to the time you walk out, we hope to provide a comfortable and accommodating environment that caters to your needs. When you first walk in, you can expect a warm welcome, followed by a small amount of paperwork. This helps us collect simple background information about your health and wellness including any specific limitations or injuries that we should be aware of. This is also a great way to convey any particular concerns or problems that you are experiencing or would like your massage therapist to concentrate on. To ensure proper timing, we recommend that you arrive at our studio a few minutes early to give you plenty of time to complete this step.

Into the Room
Next, one of our expert massage therapists will escort you to a studio room where you will find a massage table, a chair for your belongings and clothing, low-level light, and soothing music to encourage your relaxation. Before you disrobe, your massage therapist will inquire about any conditions or concerns you’ve noted on your paperwork and you two will have the opportunity to address pressure and techniques. The more information you give your massage therapist, the better they can tailor your massage to fit your needs. Once through with this conversation, you will then be left alone in the room to remove your articles of clothing, as you feel comfortable. Remember, you can undress as much as you want. We deliver great massages to a variety of people who disrobe to varying degrees, from yoga pants to in the buff! It’s up to you.

During Your Session
During your session, you can decide if you want to sustain conversation or drift off to a more meditative state. The only thing we recommend is checking in on comfort with the level of pressure and speaking up if anything hurts or if you a specific area worked on more.

When your massage therapist finishes, they will leave the room and you can get dressed again. Once ready, your massage therapist will discuss your massage including where you are carrying tension, how you can work on stretching or including other methods to alleviate stress in between massage sessions, and they will also recommend a plan of treatment for future appointments.

At Elements, the healing power of massage is our specialty and we strive to include active listening and responsiveness into each session so you as our client receive the best massage possible!

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