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How Massage Reduces Inflammation

How Massage Reduces Inflammation

Elements Massage Arvada

Among the many reasons to receive a massage, reducing inflammation caused by exercise and activities is one of the critical benefits. This reason is why many athletes, weekend warriors, and sports enthusiasts routinely head to their local massage studio for a relaxing massage.

A recent scientific study examined the effects of how heavily taxed muscle tissues respond to massage therapy and here are the two biggest changes they noted:

1. Massaged muscles produced fewer cytokines (the regulators of your body’s response to inflammation, trauma, and immune response) or proteins known to cause soreness and swelling

2. These massaged muscles also produced more new mitochondria (responsible for producing energy in your body’s cells)

As a well-known form of complementary and alternative medicine, regular massage therapy sessions can be a great way to aid in quicker recovery, reducing muscle soreness, and setting you up for success for your next activity. Additional therapeutic benefits include:

  • Decreases muscle pain and tension
  • Reduces anxiety and stress,
  • Boosts range of motion
  • Aids in your body’s removal of inflammation by-products and other toxins
  • Stimulates immune function
  • Promotes relaxation
  • Nurtures the mind/body connection
  • Increases energy and ability to focus

At Elements Arvada, our knowledgeable staff can help keep you in top shape and ready to move through the art of massage. Come experience how a recovery-promoting massage can help you step up your game and heal quicker!

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