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Bown Crossing
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Boise, ID   83706
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Get Out. Get Active. Get Massage

Posted: 03/18/2012

The golf fairways are turning green, the summer race schedules are published, the bicycles are out of the garage, and your running shoes are ready to ditch the treadmill and start logging miles on outdoor trails and roadways.The only thing that may be missing in this picture is a physically conditioned body that is prepared to endure all of the strenuous activities summer has...

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Shape Up Your Summer Body, While Rejuvenating Your Mommy Spirit

Posted: 03/18/2012

Moms spend most of their waking hours as caretakers – taking care of running a busy household, juggling work and family schedules, and caring about the health and happiness of friends, family members and even clients. Many times, though, caring for others is done at the expense of caring for themselves. In celebration of Mother’s Day it is time to start taking...

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Melt Away Tax Time Stress with Three Simple Relaxation Strategies

Posted: 03/18/2012

April showers may bring May flowers, but “stress storms”, common this time of year (April 17 tax deadlines, changes in seasons, failed New Year’s resolution attempts), can leave you feeling wilted, run down and even depressed. Instead of getting caught in a storm of stress this spring, blow away the winter blues by melting tension and fatigue with regular therapeutic...

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Don't Call It Pampering: Massage Wants to Be Medicine

Posted: 03/16/2012

While massage may have developed a reputation as a decadent treat for people who love pampering, new studies are showing it has a wide variety of tangible health benefits. Research over the past couple of years has found that massage therapy boosts immune function in women with breast cancer, improves symptoms in children with asthma, and increases grip strength in patients...

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